Monday, January 18, 2010

I Got Me Some High Priced Skull Today

Invicta Men's Corduba Collection Skull Motif Watch #4836That's right, I finally got me some high priced skull today and I ain't ashamed to admit it. Take a gander at that sexy head to the left and see exactly what I mean. Ain't it a beaut? That there is a bonafide Invicta Men's Corduba Collection Skull Motif Watch #4836 and it will be in my anxious trembling hands within the next twenty-four hours. All of you who suffer from watch envy eat your ever-lovin' hearts out! Okay, I know that 99.99% of you don't give two spits about this watch and most will find that it is positively ghastly and hideous. But hey, I like it and believe it or nut this is an exercise in me exerting my individuality and celebrating Who I Really Am openly and honestly. The back story is that the wonderful company I have been gainfully employed by for the last ten and a half years awarded me a tenth anniversary bonus and a watch of my choice not to exceed X dollars. Well, the beautiful skull motif watch is a fifteen hundred dollar watch and I got a great deal on at a lot less than that. That alone feels like a personal victory for me but here's the other thing ... I absolutely am infatuated with skulls and skeletons. Don't really know why but always have been. One of the reasons my nickname is Bonez, after all. So, when I started looking for a nice watch that I could adorn myself with when I am out cruising on my motorcycle this one just leaped out at me. Who says we bikers can't be classy and trashy at the same time? Not I. Point is, in the past I used to worry about what everyone else would think about my choices and would often not get something I really wanted because of that. Well, no longer ... I like this watch and I got it without a single care of what anyone else may think about it. How liberating and exhilarating! Sort of like my biker friends always say, "Ride your own ride." There's a lot of wisdom in that statement when applied to all aspects of your life. So I consider this just another part of riding my own ride and doing it with pride. Pride in who I am without remorse or reservation.

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