Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing Personal It's Just Business

Star Wars Pin-Up girlApparently, Darth Vader's charming personality was not enough to recruit young men to the glamorous life of an Empire stormtrooper. Being quite the business man, though, the Dark Sith Lord hired one of the galaxy's prominent advertising and marketing agencies to come up with a line of recruitment posters that no hot bloodied lad could resist. The results are the ingenious and alluring ads featured at the The Swedish Bed (All about buzz, cooking, and stuff you want to know if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse). While you are over there do not forget to browse some of their other fine informative posts. Tell 'em Bonez sent ya.

Oh, happy happy joy joy we have a new DISCL0SUR3 video release of additional "skinny bob" real alien footage from 1961 when a certain clause of our "treaty" with them was broken. More will be revealed later.

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