Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eating Baby Gaga, Murdered Teachers, Feline Overlords and Monster Bug Invasion

bizarre teacher deathI think this man killed his partner. If he didn't someone else did. Period. As an ex-cop and crime scene investigator I find it difficult to believe his bizarre story about how he found his wife face down in the backyard pond with an ugly Scottish artifact pinning her body down. Anyone can look at the crime scene and the alleged cursed artifact and then the "backyard pond" and see this guy effin' killed his wife by holding her face in the water and then placed the yard ornament on her back. The attractive and popular school teacher had moved in with this man only six months before. Read the article and "his story" while you view the available pictures and tell me your opinion. Come on, take a shot at crime scene analysis and investigative conjecture and let me know what you think. Too much of what he says and the fact it appears the local police have accepted his account screams to me this poor woman will never have justice for her murder.

"I have a secret, and the bad guys will do whatever they can to stop me from disclosing what I know"

Mr. Whiskers ChopperI love cats. In fact, I "have" three of my own and currently live with another feline companion. Um, perhaps I'll explain that strange sounding comment in another post. Also, I put "have" in quotes because I believe the old saying that dogs have owners and cats have slaves. Cats are way more intelligent than most people know (and that's the way they like it ... makes it easier to manipulate us ignorant humans) and you have to definitely earn their attention and respect. So, you can imagine the smirk and then belly laugh I had when I read that Mr. Whiskers ripped knife wielding Texas man a new one and sent him to the hospital via life flight chopper. Mr. Whiskers ONE and Knife Weilding Texas Redneck a big fat ZERO! There is reason the Sumarians and Egyptians deified cats, Folks. Take notice and respect your true Masters. No, I do not think Mr. Whiskers killed Anne Newton.

Baby Gaga Breast Milk ice creamI have been craving some good ice cream lately. And the relaunch of the Lady Gaga inspired ice cream Baby Goo Goo (a.k.a. Baby Gaga) made from human breast milk has me considering the potential health benefits of such an interesting treat. I would think that anything made from human breast milk would be much more compatible and beneficial to you than the same item made from bovine breast milk. Do you agree?

cicadaWord of warning if you live in South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and/or Arkansas. The largest brood of cicadas in recorded history are hatching with as many as a million of the inch long cool looking bugs per acre of land. I like cicadas and have many fond childhood memories of playing with dying ones and their nymph husks left clinging to the trees. What a great opportunity to witness a really unique natural phenomena that won't repeat until 2024. Another eleven states will birth these awesome bugs over the next weeks as ground temps rise to 64 degrees (F). Don't forget, cicadas are edible and were considered a delicacy by the American Indians. I have my own pet dead cicada that rides atop my encased display 1964 Corvette model in my office. He never ceases to attract attention of my guests. He's such a drama queen and attention monger.


GeologyJoe said...

Maybe that garden ornament is related to that Idol Greg Brad found in Hawaii?

Tony said...

You lost me on that one, GeoJoe. Is that an American Idol and/or Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch fame? Clue me in oh Wise One.

GeologyJoe said...

in season 4, a 3 part episode of the Brady Bunch they go to Hawaii and Greg finds a little tiki idol. It brings him and all who hold it bad luck.

google: brady bunch tiki idol for a pic.

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