Monday, April 25, 2011

Nuki Nuki Nuki How I Love My Nuki

Okay, I will not even pretend that I did not choose this post title because of anything other than the nightmarish Gummy Bear character singing, "Nuki Nuki Nuki", over and over and and over again. Yes, it plays in my sick mind like "Nookie,Nookie, Nookie" and then I start to giggle like an embarrassed blushing
schoolgirl trying to hide her excitement of her first crush. Heck, I didn't even know that the Gummy Bears sang let alone that they were baby something or others. Hold on! Have I crossed the line of questionable taste and am letting rug rat Gummy Bears singing an inane song about their binky fuel my sexual fantasies with visions of Nookie, Nookie, Nookie? I guess that means I may actually be even more immature than most give me discredit for. Well, I have never let adolescent thought patterns dissuade me from posting items of questionable taste or of a socially unacceptable nature before so why should I start to let it influence or worry me now?

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