Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chinese Red Army and Cocoa di Vine Beat the Blues

"An intoxicating blend of chocolate and wine, Cocoa di Vine© is the ultimate indulgence! Rich, velvety-smooth chocolate flavors, combine with undertones of vanilla and caramel." That's the way the makers of this interesting specialty wine describe it. I picked it up on a whim after having also purchased another ChocoVine© from Holland (to be discussed after experienced). I didn't look at the label to see the manufacturer assuming it was also a European vintage so I was a bit "shocked" tonight when I read that it was bottled in Florida. Yes, the wackiest state in the U.S. also produces a "Premium grape wine with Natural Chocolate Flavors and Cream", believe it or not. I compared the Dutch version with the Florida version and appearances are that the Dutch chocolate is darker and richer ... at least from the outside. We will determine the best of the two at a later taste testing. First, I must complete the screening of the hundred some odd female applicants volunteering their navels for me to sip the ChocoVine© from. An arduous task, I readily admit, but one I am well versed in from years of navel exploration and belly button lint classification and sorting. All in the interest of scientific research, My Dear Watson. That and the search for the best tasting chocolate wine combination on Earth. Stay tuned, Faithful Bonez Readers.

I found this new mobility scooter caravan (read "Trailer" in U.S. English) to be quite interesting. I wish someone would design one to be pulled by a Dyna or Softtail Harley Davidson motorcycle. I think there would definitely be a market for such a product especially with the additional features of satellite HDTV dish, central heating and air conditioning, full kitchen facilities and a few more necessities for roughing it on the road in our two-wheeled adventures. Of course, trailers for motorcycles is far from a new idea. In fact, this scooter caravan may have originated with a 1930's Popular Science article on motorcycle camper trailers. Meant to give the motorcyclist family (read "The Dude and his Old Lady") all the luxury and comforts of their four wheeling autoist (read "Cagers") friends this German design probably never saw production. Combine the 1930's dream design with modern technology and finesse and the ideal motorcycle camper trailer could be born.

A quarter to three in the morning and 1/2 a bottle of Cocoa di Vine and this blog post done. Can a few hours of sleep be far behind?

Sometimes I cannot sleep because I know what is waiting for me when I wake up...

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