Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Change is Gonna Come I'm Leavin' Town

Canned Heat A Change is Gonna Come / I'm Leaving This Town
Woodstock 1969

"I said I believe…
yeah folks a change sure is gonna come"

Permanence is an illusion. The only constant is Change. Everything is always changing ... from the aging of our planet and solar system which takes billions of years for noticeable differences to the continuous rapid changes of every cell in our body (we are completely rebuilt at the cellular level every seven years) that happen so fast and minutely that we may not even notice them. Some changes are anticipated or even looked forward to and some are greeted with dread and foreboding. We often make change difficult ... on ourselves ... because nothing can stop change. So when our "reality" is disrupted by a change that appears to have happened out of nowhere we often react negatively or drag our mental feet in hopes of slowing down or even stopping change. But change is inevitable. Change is not good or bad. It just is. Our perception of that change and the label we choose to put on it is what makes it good or bad ... for us as individuals. One can lose their job and feel sadness, fear and treat it as a misfortune. Or the same person can greet the change of job status as a blessing and a gentle hint from the Universe that it is time to move on to the next greatest career life adventure. Thus, changes that are often perceived as "bad" can be embraced as good and capitalized on for our betterment. Sickness and even death are most often perceived as bad or dreaded changes but even they can be accepted and embraced as a integral part of the whole Oneness we all are.

"We'll all have a good peace of mind
Lord, our freedom will surely surely come"

Yes, our freedom and peace of mind surely comes from our acceptance of the Universal Law of Change. Like the Star Trek Borg, Resistance is Futile :) So, why not embrace the change and flow with it to the next natural state of consciousness and be truly Free and at Peace in our heart, mind and soul.

"Well now, I believe in the morning
I believe I'll go on back home"

As spiritual beings having a human experience our overriding desire is to "go on back home" and reunite with the One That Is All. When we transition and awake on that new morning back home we will rest in our Oneness ... at least for a while and bask in the Light of our reunion.

"Well, I'm standin’ down at the crossroads
lord I'm standin’ all by myself"

I am never alone. I am not separate from the ONE we all are fragments of. So I do not have to stand at the crossroads of decision in Life without the knowledge that I am surrounded by Love and Compassion and I do not walk those empty spaces alone. There is always a Brother or Sister ready to walk beside me no matter how treacherous the path may seem. I am not the first to traverse it and I will successfully reach the destination and be prepared to help someone else through it from my own experience.

"Well, when you've got yourself a good friend
You are the luckiest man on earth"

Then we are all lucky men and women for no one is truly without a good friend if they but turn within themselves and see that we are already equipped with the bestest friend possible ... OURSELVES. Until we can FIRST love ourselves we can not give the Love to another to reward their gift of Friendship.

"I say you got yourself a good friend
yeah now do know you're the luckiest man on earth
‘cause you've got love in your heart
Lord that's worth all its weight in gold"

See? I was right on. "you've got love in your heart that's worth all its weight in gold" ... how much does Love weigh? Hold it ... that's how much does a henway ...

[Post Idea and Inspiration Submitted by Lil' Debbie. Thank You, SuGRfoot!]


Hogrider said...

Change also helps to keep us young.

Hogrider said...

Change also helps keep us young

Tony said...

I think that keeping "us young" is actually contrary to the entire thought that the only Constant is Change ... therefore there can never be any "keeping young" :) Of course, I do know what you mean and am only playing the devil's advocate here, Bro! Thank you so much for visiting Bonez and I hope this means you will make it a regular part of your day from here on in.

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