Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How's Your Day?

Remember, no matter how bad you think your day is going, someone else will be having a much worse one. Doesn't that just bring a smile to your face? Besides, if you have real kahunas and won't let "the world" get you down you will just continue to drive through the shit.

How 'bout a little Bonez Groupie Love here?
[Submitted by Sammy D.]


EuroYank said...

Hey Bones, is that your wife driving behind you?

GeologyJoe said...

*(oozing with sarcasm)*
Those French rappers are f'n GANGSTA!

Tony said...

~ EuroYank ~ Nope, not my wife behind the truck and not me driving it. I have to haul around a lot of shit but not the kind in the picture :) Also, I would never dump my shit on my wife and I have made sure I have warned her about getting too close to other people's shit.

~ GeologyJoe ~ I like the panting parts. And the hot women in sexy (and expensive) French lingerie shakin' their groove thang, though their dancing abilities are quite limited.

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