Friday, May 23, 2008

Tea Tips with Dr. Tea - Tea 101

I have been a fan of tea for a long time and have made it one of the core components of my new and improved lifestyle. In hopes of introducing Bonez readers to the coolness of tea I am posting this first episode of the weekly video podcast "Tea Tips with Dr. Tea". In this episode we learn the basics of teas and how to properly prepare it. Do you know where the different teas come from?

Visit the Tea Garden to learn more about tea and the excellent health benefits you can obtain from it.

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GeologyJoe said...

I too am a tea drinker. While I know little about where most of it comes from I have several types I like from black to green to herbs.

Once I even tried to make my own out of on my list is rose-hip.

Have you ever tried SkullCap? **oooff**

Tony said...

I drink a variety of teas. Rooibos is one of my favorite "herbal" teas right now and the Kalahari Red Tea (Highlands Honey) is awesome. I drink Green Tea and modified Green Teas (with additional anti-oxidant herbs and berries). Haven't tried skullcap but do drink some other herbals often. I start my day with a steaming cup of Irish Breakfast Tea instead of coffee and move to Rooibos after that and then on to Green Tea variations throughout the day and end with a bedtime tea of chamomile or some other appropriate herb mixture.

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