Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gilligan's Mary Ann at 69 is a Pot Smoking Hottie

The always and still beautiful Dawn Wells, who we all know as the demure yet luscious Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island fame, was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence. I guess the local authorities in Driggs, Idaho (population of approximately 1,300 souls) had nothing better to do than to harass a sixty-nine year old woman leaving her surprise birthday party. The penalty Dawn received of five days in jail I thought was ridiculous, too, and far more severe than what many real traffic violation criminals get.

Which brings me to the age old question that has haunted mankind since the beginning of time... who was hotter... Ginger or Mary Ann? What would happen if the two beauties faced off and duked it out? Maybe this video holds the answers we eagerly seek...

Mary Ann definitely gets the best of Ginger in this creme pie fight scene. So, what are the scientific facts and analysis of this issue of which one is the hottest? Let's ponder the evidence presented in this next video.

The irrefutable evidence leaves me with no other possible conclusion. Mary Ann was the hottest babe on Gilligan's Island and is still smoking hot today.

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GeologyJoe said...

Mary Ann, busted for Mary Jane. Nice.

But 69? I guess she's a real 'Ganja GrandMa'

Tony said...

GeoJoe, did you know that "ganja" is actually Hindi for marijuana? Put that in your pipe and smoke it ;)

GeologyJoe said...

***sssssppph***[holding breath] No man. I guess I learn something new every day. **cough, cough**

Tony said...

Dude, I wasn't meaning to say you didn't know what ganja itself was.

[long drag and deep deep inhale]

I was passing on my new found knowledge that the word "ganja" originated in Hindi as I thought it was Jamaican.

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