Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amy Walker Does 21 English Accents

Amy Walker does twenty-one English accents. I found it intriguing how her countenance changed with each accent as she became the character outside of her own persona. Granted, some of the attempts are a tad "forced" or overdone in a theatrical sense but still an extremely impressive effort on her part and entertaining. Will be glad to hear your perception of her attempt with your normal accent. Comment please.
[Found @ The Russian Way]

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Anonymous said...

best one: Cali.
worst one: Charleston, SC.
this entire clip was just bizarre...this is the kind of shit that freaks me out.

Tony said...

Swine ~ You thought the Cali was best? I agree on the "Southern" Charleston drawl... seems like she's seen too much Gone With the Wind ;)
Sorry to freak your shit out, Dude, but you never know what you are going to find on Bonez, eh. (no, that's NOT my Canadian accent attempt!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking back to my blog.
And you have probably read what I thought about thew Russian one - not typical, but nice try.

Tony said...

Hi Red Squirrel and welcome to Bonez and thank you for visiting. Yes, your evaluation was very thorough and interesting which is why I wanted to give you the credit for this find. Hope you come back often and pass along any other cool links or topics.

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