Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flocks of Idiots Besiege Us

Some allegedly "intelligent" folks are questioning if presidential hopeful Barack Obama is "black enough" because he is biracial. I say "allegedly intelligent" because such idiotic thought is obvious indication of the lack of mature intelligence.

Two idiotic, irresponsible, redneck, reckless, macho, loose cannon, and immature Georgia police officers wounded each other in an Old West style shoot out in the middle of an Atlanta suburb street. Mental note to add this as another reason to move to Europe.

Speaking of "idiots" what about the one guy who tried to sell grade A plus marijuana on Craigslist?

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OMYWORD! said...

Bring it on bay-bee. Come on over to Paree and hang with me!

Tony said...

I seem to be getting a lot of invitations to bring it on over, OMyWord. I have lots of European and Expat friends and most of them are encouraging me to make the move. The problem is that I have others I am responsible for that are not yet convinced that is what they want for their lives... yet. So, for now, I have to placate myself with the few trips I make every year which (hopefully) will be increasing soon. Fingers and toes crossed for good luck.

CW Fisher said...

Tony, do it. Europe is perfect right now. I hear the money is worth twice as much. And the women all look like Ohmygod except they're half naked (if they're plastic), and half plastic if their not. Oh I'm kidding, it's a joke.

Thanks for the links. For me, Obama is not Barack enough.

There's no him there. The closer I look, the less I see. He's a first term Senator who has no experience since he's never there to vote and he's always on the campaign trail -- nice guy though. Just thin as a blank piece of paper.

Anyway, black schlack. It's time to go deeper under the skin and get away from the slogans and into some substance, which is: if he's in, we're staying in Iraq, and we might even go into Pakistan and Iran. That's pretty much all I need to know.

Tony said...

CW, if I had my druthers I would be on the next boat or plane to Europe. I love it over there and have always felt as if I were "home" from the very first time I visited Switzerland way back in 1974. I count myself as lucky that I get to "visit" and work there several times a year now. And hey, you're not the only one who's fantasized about OMyWord! half naked.

As for slamming Barack Obama and his lack of blackness or thinness... well, I am reserving comment because my post was not meant as an endorsement or disapproval of his bid for the candidacy. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I am still not sure I who I am going to vote for. Wish that Libertarians has a chance...

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