Saturday, February 23, 2008

1955 Petty Girl Calendar

In celebration of my birth year I thought I would grace the Bonez viewers with a link to the 1955 Pin Up Calendar by pin up artist George Petty. George's "Petty Girl" was the epitome of pin up fame and an American icon from the 1933 to 1956. Her likeness appeared on calendars, centerfolds, advertisements, posters, billboards and the noses of World War II aircraft. The Petty Girl was also the inspiration for a major motion picture. George Petty was one of the best known and most respected pin up artists of all time. The first model for the Petty Girl was George's wife and later, his daughter when she was a teenager.

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Tor Hershman said...

Now moi's a-gonna hav-ta pull my pud.

I don't care WTF Buddha sez, pud pullin' is good for ya.

No past lives, no future lives, just guaranteed oblivion
who could ask for less?

Stay on groovin' safari,

Tony said...

Hiya Tor!

I'm not sure how you slipped under the high-tech radar of comment notification that the cutting edge Bonez Crew uses, but you did. Oh well, what matters is that we are here together now... chatting nonchalantly about Buddha's sanctions against pud pulling and other philosophical meanderings.

Yes, Bonez is the place where the world's intellectuals end up... sort of the coffee shoppe (not the Amsterdam kind... well, maybe a little like the Amsterdam kind) at the end of the universe... or at least at the end of reality as most of those without proper slack know it.

Bonez tends to draw those that grokk (though, not necessarily in fullness) and even though they may not usually leave a comment for other wayfarers to interact with they are nonetheless present in spirit.

All of that to say Welcome to Bonez, Tor Hershman! We have been waiting a long time for your enlightenment to enfold us. And, no matter WTF Buddha says about pud pulling or what you may do in front of the privacy of your own computer screen, you are still welcome here at Bonez.

Glad you like the Petty Girl calendar, too :)


Technical Inspiration said...

The naked girl in the calender is very sexy. Makes me feel like that.

Tony said...

Makes you feel like a naked girl in a calendar? Um, ok, Technical Inspiration. I guess that is cool for whatever ails ya'. (smile) Thank you for visiting Bonez.

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