Monday, October 22, 2007

Do You Remember Me?

Italian government to register blogs and bloggers and charge them licensing fees and taxes. [Found @ Boing Boing]

Another example of global warming disaster (human influenced or not) is the fact rising seas threaten to drown twenty-one "mega-cities" around the world endangering ten percent of the world's population. The cities that have been identified as "highly vulnerable" are New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Bangkok, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Cairo, Mumbai and Karachi.

Vatican claims Pope John Paul appeared in bonfire flames miracle.

Chinese TVChinese government stops broadcasts of "sexually explicit" or "extreme pornographic nature" material on TV and radio. Which translates as advertisements that feature push-up bras, shape-enhancing underwear or even contraceptives and plastic surgery reality shows.

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Marloes said...

The video made me cry and I'm not even American

Tony said...

It is indeed a moving video that has seen nearly 18 million views to date. War is horrible and emotional no matter what nationality you are.

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