Saturday, September 01, 2007


No words, no explanation necessary, the video says it all

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Lyn said...

HMMMMM, All I can say is WOW!!!!
Excellent statement....

Marloes said...

Thank you Lyn! I was fascinated when the bullet hit the objects, but as the boy came into view.....I am so glad guns aren't allowed in Holland (although they are around)

Cindy said...

Quite right. Words could add nothing to this message!
It is fascinating watching but what is even more fascinating is that every shot is dead center perfect! As for the boy...his image "shocks" you immediately. Very effective!

Trew Life Advice said...

That was a very powerful video. Just seeing the bullet rip through the apple and watermelon made me cringe. Seeing the boy was an effect that caused my breathing to pause for an instant. Not that it matters to anyone who is not African American- seeing the black boy look so unaware of his fate made the images more clearer to me. And it affected me because I am African American as well. That was powerful and shows exactly what filmmaking is.

Ask Trew Life

Marloes said...

@ Trew life, this video is a commercial made for Choice FM, a British tv and radio station as part of its wider campaign against gun crime. The boy could have been any colour or race, it wouldn't have any difference. It's the message that hits home

Tony said...

Strange how all our minds interpret things differently. The video severely impacted me emotionally since I was totally unprepared for the child to appear in the line of fire.

When the video started I found myself fascinated and intrigued by the terrifying damage a bullet could do to an object. I sincerely thought it was a scientific research film on ballistics until the boy's face appeared.

My mind was stunned and my heart skipped a beat as the bullet began its slow motion approach to the unsuspecting child's head. My mind was screaming, "NO!" and was confused as to how he could even be there... he was out of place and time and I could not come to grips emotionally with his presence.

Yes, all of this in microseconds passed through my mind and heart. And when the bullet stopped... and the words appeared... only then did I sit stunned and a sense of relief flooded through my being.

You see, at first the child's race had nothing to do with the emotional impact or the uncontrolled "fear" that sped through me. He only represented a human child to me. An innocent who was unaware of the horrific death aimed his way. And beyond child he represented every human on the planet who could potentially be harmed by guns.

For me personally, this is even further interesting because I am not for "gun control" by the government and am an expert marksman in several classes of weapons, myself. I have taught firearms safety and introduced many people (young and old) to the experience of proper handling and firing of weapons of all types. So, this commercial didn't make me say, "Yes, take away everyone's guns to save our children!"

I have also had the unfortunate experience to first hand witness people killed by gunshot... some self-inflicted, some accidental and some through violent crime against their person. I am sure that is part of reason for the severe emotional reaction I had when the child's face appeared.

So, Trew Life, I didn't get the same message you did due to the child's race. Race was the furthest thing from my mind in the first few viewings of the video. In my world and experience, gang violence and violent crimes committed with guns are perpetrated by many different races.

Marloes said...

@Tony, guns scare me, no matter who's hands they are in. I never saw one in my life and I hope to keep it that way.
The video is brilliant though and I agree with you on what it did to you as a person.

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