Saturday, June 16, 2007

The AfterEllen Hot 100 Lesbian Fantasy Women

Lucy LiuAfterEllen's Hot 100 List of women lesbians fantasize about most is quite different from the laughable Maxim 2007 Hot 100 list. Only nine out of the 100 are openly lesbian or bisexual and eight of the top 10 never even made the Maxim list at all. Another nice thing is the diversity of choices and the fact that AfterEllen started their listing with #1 instead of making you trudge through pages and pages to find out who "won". Congratulations AterEllen on confirming my long hidden suspicion that I am a beautiful lesbian trapped in a man's body. Oh, by the way, Maxim's #1 hottie, the troubled Lindsay Lohan, came in a distant 79th at AfterEllen. Guess that will give her something else to rehab about.

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