Tuesday, December 12, 2006

10,000 Miles and 8 Wishes

The ice in the Arctic is melting so fast that by 2040 the North Pole will have no ice and will be in the open seas. Is it global warming or a natural weather cycle that repeats every so many thousands of years? Is it the Republicans' fault for denying global warming and can Al Gore save the world?

Government enforced censorship took a giant leap when the Australian military banned blogging and deleted existing blogs of all troops serving in Iraq. I wondered when this would happen and am surprised it wasn't the U.S. who acted first. Blogging gave/gives soldiers a voice outside of the government controlled media and that is/was a danger to the state. So much for freedom of speech.

Here is a cool tool to encode DivX, XviD and MPG movies to play back through your Nintendo Wii. If you can get your hands on one before Christmas. The Wii seems to be the hottest "must have" item of the 2006 Christmas season proving the success of Nintendo's marketing and distribution strategy.

In the "No Duh!" department scientists have determined that a "small" nuclear war would cause global environmental catastrophe. I don't agree with all of their projections but can there really be anything like a "small" nuclear war? Isn't it only a matter of "when" and not "if"?

Do you want to live forever? Alex Chiu claims to be an immortal and wants to share his knowledge with the world. Mr. Chiu allegedly has been banned from the Google search engine due to his radical anti-aging and healing discoveries.

Pictures of Paris Hilton getting raunchy in a limo with her sister Nicky may be taking her bad girl image a bit too far for some but will most likely increase her attractiveness for others.

[Video is 10,000 Miles and 8 Wishes]

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