Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sexy Celebrity Photo Hunt

sexycelebrityphotohuntEver play those picture games as a kid where you look at two pictures side by side that look exactly alike but have subtle differences you must find? Well, that's exactly the object of the Sexy Celebrity Photo Hunt game at Liquid Generation and it's much harder than it appears. Maybe it is the pictures of gorgeous women that distract the player from the obvious differences or the fact that the timer seems to fly by that adds to the tension. You will find yourself playing both version 1 and version 2 several times trying to make a perfect score.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

seriously, stop, I enjoy that too much. all I see is a woman, what differences?


Tony said...

Bonez is always seeking to stretch the capacity of people to increase their knowledge and spiritual awareness, Blue. Use the power of the Farce and focus beyond the obvious... soon the women will not even be visable and you will only see the glaring differences of the images, my young padawan.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I spent way too much time on this!

Not that I am complaining!


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