Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Five Minute Matrix

I really like the Matrix trilogy and would watch it much more often if I could get away with it and not have my family toss me out in the street. Somebody out there understands my cravings and my lack of quality Matrix time and have come up with the wonderful idea of taking the first Matrix movie and condensing it into only five minutes of butt-kicking Matrix goodness. Now I can watch the Matrix anytime I feel like it. Heck, I could even watch it 25 times back-to-back in the same amount of time it would have taken me to see it just once in the full version. So now, anytime I want to get my Matrix on I just click on the five minute Matrix fix.
ADDENDUM March 22, 2006: The creator of Five Minute Matrix is Richard BF. A better widescreen copy of the video is downloadable at the end of his post on the plot points by which this video was created as an educational project in storytelling.


Richard BF said...

Whoever the idiot was who uploaded this to Grouper, completely ignored my plot point break down, which goes with the video, instead of posting a poorly converted version of the video out of context.

Tony said...

Thank you, Richard, for the link to your plot points. I agree, it makes the whole experience of viewing the Matrix in Five Minutes much more enjoyable to see the philosophy and science behind the scene selections.

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