Friday, March 03, 2006

Bubblehead Bleached Blondes Made With Bubblegum

gum blondesIn 1996, Jason Kronenwald of Toronto, Canada, completed his first Gum Blonde portrait. Each portrait is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing featuring a well-known sexy celebrity female. Jason does not use paints or dyes on his creations so the colors in the pictures are due to the specific nature of the chewed gum itself. Of course, there is the mixing of an endless variety of flavors and brands to obtain different colors, but it is all chewed bubblegum. Kronenwald has a dedicated crew of gum chewers, however he does not chew gum himself unless absolutely necessary. I hope Jason continues this venture and receives as much recognition as possible. Visit his works and leave supportive comments.

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