Thursday, February 16, 2006

Smack the Pony Fun Video for the Ladies

I'll be the first to admit that Bonez is generally considered a very male oriented blog with plenty of cheesecake to ogle and male related interests. To demonstrate that I like to give equal treatment to my women visitors I have decided to post this video sent to me by my sister, Teresa. From a skit produced by Smack the Pony, a British female comedy team, this video is an exercise in anticipation and patience for the Ladies as we watch the women in the video display their various emotions of curiosity at the unfolding event they are privy to. The looks on their faces make the whole video worth it.
[Submitted by Teresa L.]


groovebunny said...

Thanks Tony! Now to find a window washer who'll wash my windows in his skivies. lol

Tony said...

GB, I am sure the vast resources of the internet will assist you in locating so esorteric services. I know for a fact there are naked and lingerie maid services so there must be a few empty-headed buff beefcake window washers advertising their skills.

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